Who is TMM International Logistics?

What We Offer

TMM International Logistics engages our customers over the complete spectrum of end-to-end supply-chain operations and services. We concentrate on national and over-border transport and distribution, warehousing and storage, customs brokering, forwarding services, and supply chain management. Our service delivery is directed towards the provision of management services and systems, advisory services, and the channeling of information through data collection and management. We focus on collaborating with our clients and service providers in order to become an idea hub that advances the logistics industry.

What TMM International Logistics Stand For

Our central purpose and role is to provide managerial and operational expertise to assist companies in optimising the procurement and positioning of cargos within the scope of their value chains.

We facilitate the application of leading-edge systems and technologies with superior management of processes at workflow and enterprise levels. TMM International Logistics uses supply-chain as a strategic tool for positive business change and competitive advantage for our clients.

What We Promise

We operate in accordance with the highest industry standards and with the utmost integrity in all relationships with clients, service providers and other stakeholders.

Internally, we foster a climate which encourages improvement, innovation and diligence amongst our staff. Externally, we deliver financial results and business outcomes in line with the expectations of our customers.

What We Strive For

We constantly redefine who we are and what we offer. We are on a pursuit to become leading experts in the field of supply-chain management. Our innovative solutions and cutting edge services make us the partner of choice for streamlined and cost effective logistics services.

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Helvetia House
Greenvale Road
Wilbart Germiston

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