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Global movement of your cargo from time sensitive cargo to bulk movements. You will receive continual communication to ensure that you get your cargo delivered on time at the best rates. We calculate the best ratio of cost versus speed on all of your import/export movements.

Save on shipping costs

Our team of experts will strategically pack your cargo so that it significantly reduces your international shipping costs.

Your cargo is handled with care

Each shipment receives the utmost in personal care and attention. Your shipment is packed as compactly as possible, ensuring it arrives to you safe and free from damage.

No hidden costs

We keep our service rates simple and easy to understand. You will never get hit with hidden fees. What you see is what you get.



We are committed to providing distributon solutions that add value to your business and efficiency to your supply chain. Our network of distribution points, combined with our expertise in fulfillment and shipping logistics, ensures product availability and expedited delivery.

Reliable distribution services

Distribution logistics is an important part of our customer service. We work hard to choose the transportation method that best suits the volume, dimensions and destination of each shipment.

We look at the bigger picture

We consider factors, such as urgency and distance. We do all that we can to ensure that orders arrive damage free in the right place at exactly the right time.

Customs Clearing

We ensure smooth and easy customs clearance for all of our customers, making sure that their goods are delivered on time. We help ease import and export regulations and paperwork in record time for all of your shipments. Handling all the trade compliance and procedures, we help clear consignments by sea, land and air more efficiently.

In-depth understanding

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of this sector has helped us offer customised solutions to all of our clients so that they can reduce lead time, optimise cash flow and ensure the correct classifications are applied to your cargo.

Dedicated to the right solutions

With the required documents, our team of dedicated professionals ensure end-to-end solutions for both import customs clearance and export customs clearance in the most cost-effective manner.

We do our homework

Our expert team does a proper study of all local rules and regulations so that they can help you overcome even the most complex matters of trade compliance. We identify the demands, challenges and hurdles, and help you arrange your paperwork accordingly.


We offer strategically located storage facilities with a range of warehousing options to suit our customers’ core services. From secure storage for highly valuable freight to general cargo, we offer warehouses complete with highly skilled management and operations teams and systems to successfully handle operations for your business.

Flexible costing

Our pay as you use solutions give you complete variability in costing.

Be in control of your stock

All warehouse information quantity, receiving and dispatch is available on the web allowing clients to manage their stock holding remotely.

Custom built

We specialise in providing customised storage solutions for our customers – dedicated warehousing space is available throughout our network.


We understand that aircraft cost money and they can only recoup those costs when they are operational. That is why we offer a 24/7/365 solution staffed by professionals who understand your requirements. Whether it be moving AOG parts from anywhere in the world to your where they may be required, to the specialized requirements of moving sensitive cargo such as aircraft engines and any combination of the above.


In this extremely regulated area of logistics it is imperative that everything is done right the first time. Documentary trails must be correct and cross referenced ensuring that all interested parties can audit and track the movement of sensitive equipment at all times. From temporary imports and exports we ensure that all regulatory bodies are informed in advance of large value movements ensuring that our clients cargo is not unnecessarily detained for inspections and that this cargo is moved as swiftly as possible to its destination.

We offer time critical defence + logistics expertise which then allows our clients to focus on their business.

As a key service provider of one of South Africa’s leading Defence manufacturers we have a proven track record of delivering logistical solutions for defence products to remote locations in tight deadlines

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